Make Up Storage Ideas Homepage

If you have make up then you need to think about the best method of storage for it. Your needs will differ quite a bit depending on whether you have enough make up to fill a suitcase of just a couple of lipsticks! Most of us are hopefully somewhere in between those two extremes.

Just leaving it all lying around on top of your dressing table, bathroom surfaces and in the bottom of your purse may be the cheapest option but it’s certainly not the best. You can bet your bottom dollar that nothing will ever be to hand when you need it. Also it encourages your daughter/sister/irritating younger brother to steal it at the first opportunity.

For the smaller make up collection a light make up bag may be all you need an is handy in that you can just pick it up and stick the whole lot in your purse. If your collection is more extensive then one of the many make up storage ideas on this site may be better for you. There are small boxes, big boxes, units with drawers, with mirrors…in fact you name it.

For the professional make up person there are the larger boxes and cases plus if you need to travel with it all there are some really sturdy luggage style options which are perfect for the job.

Hope you find something suitable!