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Get a brighter, clearer view with the Surround LightTM Vanity Mirror. The Surround LightTM Vanity Mirror is an absolute "must have" for any woman. Looking your best is easy when you have a lighted and magnified vanity mirror at your side. It...

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Adjustable arm..fold to use as a lighted compact, raise to use on a vanity. Powerful 15xmagnification. 2 super brightbulbs.15x...

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The Conair tri-panel 1x/3x magification beauty mirror has three panels for varying views. It's 1x/3x magnification and has different magnifications on each panel (1x center/ 2 sides 3x). It has lifetime LED lighting which saves energy while saving...

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GOES ANYWHERE...Travel, Home or Office. USES: Eyebrow Tweezing, Facial Hair Removal, Makeup Application, Skin Care/Facials, Contact Lens Insertion. Double Sided 9x/1x Mirror. DFR Distortion Free Glass. Folds to 2.75" in Height. Long Life...

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The conair tm8lx double-sided lighted makeup mirror features 4 different light settings: day, evening, office and home. so for just about every time of your day you know how you’re going to look. switch between the regular viewing and the 5x...

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